Can the Zodiac Drive Business?

The Zodiac

According to the school of astrologists a person’s individuality, his positive side, his character, are determined by the zodiacal sign in which the sun is found at his birth. The etymology, or history of the word zodiac, is the circle of little animals—these are animals and images  we would form in a clear night sky at the time of our birth. That is, the 12 zodiacal signs are animals and images that are created as forms by the star’s design in our minds if we looked at the sky at night–on the date we were born. Often we find a distinct relationship between what characteristics we attribute to each zodiac animal and symbol and what we think of our personalities.

Can This Help in Business?

For Sure! Those born under the sign of the Ram tend to want to be first. They look ahead–so they might be more appropriate in your team as visionaries. Those born between April 21 and May 21, Taurus the bull,  are steadfast producers and might be better to manage a long term project. The sign of the Crab, Cancers, are devoted family people. They might be your HR.

Maybe Not.

Maybe you just want to set up a venture using the broadcast paradigm. Write the names of the candidates on the back of some cards and toss them out. Failure is a giant part of success. How does one know until they try? However, hiring failures can mean a lot of time wasted and the end result may be systemic collapse. The whole shebang goes into the waste can. Astrological signs may be able to help you understand who your associates are and what they can do for you.

The Signs:

March 21 to April 21

The sign of Ares the Ram sometimes spoils for a fight as they are a born with the inherent drive to be first. They are eager and brave and they have a quick-working brain. Often, they are keen to help and will naturally step forward and take charge. They are the first to take up the cause and mission of the organization and will lead the way toward the summit of the vision.

April 21 to May 21

Taurus folks are strong-willed and sometimes give in to the nature of their desires. They are usually quite people, but often willful and like a bull can be suddenly roused. Generally, they are stable and good willed, but sometimes they are angered and lose their temper. They love devotedly and often fall in love with work, play, or with what they are occupied. They are extremely patient workers.

                                                                                                  Mat 21 to June 21

Those born under the sign of Gemini have the Twins as their symbol. They have a dual type of mind which can see both sides of any question. They jump with keen interest into any new idea. They are extremely quick and brilliant and after intensely studying life they develop highly logical reasoning minds. Often, as they have accessed many branches of knowledge, they lead the organization as visionaries

June 21 to July 22

Cancer people are sometimes restless and need to travel, but they have a genius for family life and parenthood. Like a crab, they may zig-zag through life going backwards and forwards. They are very industrious and very patient. They may work on a challenge for a time developing all aspects. They are tenacious and intense.

                                                                                July 22 to August 23

In the sign of Leo the lion, are found strong people who have large hearts and sometimes rule with an iron fist. They are people of power who are proud. They are ambitious and often popular. While they are impulsive and forceful, they have a talent for self-expression.  These are well-developed people both physically and mentally who attract those who have not reached their stature.


August 23 to September 23

The sign of Virgo has a natural fastidiousness and critical faculty. Often they are quick minded and adaptable to any pursuit and they usually have exquisite taste and are practical and resourceful. They aspire to be more than simply in the material world, and through this have highly imaginative minds. They are great in evaluation,  assessment and appraisals.

September 23 to October 23

Libra. This sign stands on their own two feet and works out their challenges. They are thoughtful, practically, and outwardly materialistic. They are interested in science and frame their lives around the intellect, and they are organizers–happiest when they are leading an ordered group. They employ tact, empathy, and patience.

October 23 TO November 22

The sign of Scorpio is sometimes their own enemy, but often full of wisdom and attains spiritual heights. They are usually very versatile, full of ideas. Often they are leaders who can sway audiences. They are great orators, mental fighters, proud, ambitious, while at the same time sensitive and good organizers. In an organization, they make peace and develop mission.

November 22 to December 21

The Sagittarius people instinctively grasp the fact that truth is beautiful and joyful, and translate that realization into a keen wish to spread joy and beauty around them. They are lovers of life, full of kindly humor. They may be domineering, egotistical and stubborn; but, they can not live without attempting to make their friends happy. They are full of hospitality. They encourage. Extremely versatile, They are high-strung and have agile minds and prophetic instincts. 

December 21 to January 21

The sign of Capricorn thoughtful and practical. They are independent, proud and domineering. They are happiest when they are leading a group because they have tact, pity and patience. They often see outside of themselves and identify with human kind. They are exceptional and complex people.

January 21 to February 21

In the age of Aquarius, this sign gives more importance to others than to their selves. They feel they are part of the whole. They love to collaborate, to be part of the movement forward. The Aquarian pours out the waters of their soul to feed others. They love to merge with others and work in intimate relation with the group. They are clear, honest and have a love and sympathy with human weakness and often can see through people by using intuition. 

February 21 to March 21

The sign of Pisces has the ability to merge into the lives of others. Therefore their character is complex. They need confidence and encouragement to shine, and they can be brilliant, decorative, and romantic which may lead them to almost fanatical devotion to their friends. They often travel to visit these friends, and at work they best function in collaboration.

Knowing these signs may help you to determine the best positions for your team. At the very least it’s a lot of fun.

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The above is interpreted from a book by Vera  Stanley Alder, The Finding of the Third Eye.

Can Games Teach?


Of Course They Can!

Just about everyone remembers as a kid sitting around playing Monopoly. Grown up maybe you became a real estate magnate. At least one learned that if they got moving they could pass “Go” and collect $200. Games teach us a lot. There’s a board game called “Life.” And, we all know life is sort of a game. Games really teach. The question is can video games teach?

What do Video Games Teach?

Most video games seem to be about shoot shoot, kill kill, destroy. If one believed in reincarnation these would be good learning experiences. You always get a new life. Just restart the game. Perhaps Machiavelli was a futurist and he had this in mind when he wrote “The Prince.” To get ahead,  kill your enemy!

That’s All Changing.

Machiavelli playing wisdomgame

Big Mac

Read what Udemy Academy says about Gaming:

Gamification will be a game-changer when done correctly More L&D teams plan to incorporate gamification to increase learning engagement and reinforce learning. Layered beneath every successful video game is a complex foundation driven by behavioral science and psychology. While only 8% of L&D programs today, a third (31%) of survey respondents plan to add gamification to their corporate learning programs in the next few years. Gamification can help L&D reate better value for their employees—making learning engaging while helping people retain and apply their new knowledge. However, gamification is more than just adding leaderboards and badges. In order for L&D leaders to effectively leverage the power of gamification as a learning tool, they must understand the science behind it and thoughtfully design their programs.


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Who will run AI?


Game framework-1ABCDe-2abef

You Matter!

Every major movement and corporate direction is created and directed by one person. Oh sure, this is the age of collaboration. I’ve even written about the new paradigm and how people are working together in this age where everyone is connected. Let’s look at realities for a minute.

What Do Steve Jobs and Martin Luther King Have in Common?

Steve Jobs motivated his development team to produce a device which changed the world of communication. Martin Luther King integrated freedom and equality. Okay. One doesn’t have to be Ayn Rand and stand on top of Atlas. The foundations of the world are changing, but as always some things stay the same.

Will AI be different?

Probably not. Prognosticators are always hidden by the shadow of the sign declaring “The end of the world is near!” I’m working on a book now called Future Aphorisms.  Here’s one for you. “Artificial Intelligence that doesn’t work is just dumb.” One person’s drive, determination, and will will always be the force that changes everything. . . even in the new world paradigm of connected collaboration where even things are smart. We need strong people to lead.

Ask yourself this question. “Do you have what it takes. . . Well, do you?

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What’s the Purpose of Business?

Is there a new BETTER paradigm?

When you speak to a person deep within the internet business paradigm, it’s often hard to communicate simply because they are speaking a different language. If you initiate a topic of which you are interested, they may like Google initiate their “Got it!” click button, and, especially if they have ADHD–they will suppose you don’t understand and they will interject select phrases like “It’s all about collaboration,” or “You have to make as many friends as possible.”

Isn’t it about the Money?

Not according to my friend, Dave Ashley, who runs Quantum Knowledge Systems. He seems to be saying the purpose of business is to work with, to collaborate with, as many people as possible. If I can rephrase what he’s been telling me, I think he said “The object of business is to locate a prospect, make that prospect a customer, and turn that customer into a friend.”

What’s the Secret of Success?

One needs to understand that people have wants. For instance, some people want to be able to lose weight and still eat whatever they want. That’s a want. What they actually need may be different. They probably need to eat healthier and exercise more. What does that say? The secret is to treat people in a way that matches the nature of your relationship. If you’re their coach, you need to coach and not be didactic or pedantic. If you’re their professor, perhaps a heuristic approach is correct.

What’s the Nature of the Business Relationship?

It’s certainly not “busy-ness.” The new paradigm of social networking business is to create customers. Here is the design:



Yea Gads. Too complicated for my small mind. I’ll stick to having some fun. Why not?



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I Dumped the Fake News

The weather in Los Angeles has been rainy for a couple of days and I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube. I stopped watching TV about 5 years ago because it rotted my mind. As I sat through a repeat of Two Men and a Boy, it occurred to me why not just dump this artificial medium. So I did. But news is important and the radio doesn’t seem to provide what I need. What to do? I turned to YouTube and started watching various channels. I tend to focus on sagacity.

What or who is a sage?

In his book The Key to the True Quabbalah, as Franz Bardon explains Tetra-grammaton , he says “A theorist may become a scientist, but never a sage.”  And in the Wen-Tzu, the Further Teachings of Lao-Tsu—as translated by Thomas Cleary:

“Those whom we call sages suit their real conditions, that is all: they eat according to the size of their bellies, dress according to the size of their bodies. Since they moderate themselves, there is no way for an attitude polluted by greed to arise in their minds . . . “ and

      “If there is nothing shrouding the spirit, and nothing burdening the mind, you are completely clear and thoroughly in tune, peaceful and unconcerned. Power and profit cannot tempt you, sound and form cannot seduce you, speechmakers cannot frighten you. This is the freedom of real people.”

Who are the YouTube Real People?

I don’t know, but as I tend to like to watch sage-like presenters, here are some of the channels I like.









The Sane Progressive



Are these people sages? It would be foolish for me to say. Check them out.

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The Anti-Protocol Protocol

Are bad bladders a coincidence?

In a recent blog I spoke about my friend Gary who died of bladder cancer and that I had offered to help him with the Gerson juice therapy. Coincidentally, right now, I have another coffee friend, Johnny, who is 65 years old. He’s Syrian but was born in Palestine. Johnny’s not his real name.  I enjoy talking to him because he speaks Arabic and gives me the Oriental—that is, the Levant—viewpoint on what the US is doing there.  He’s been in the United States for over 40 years but still knows the skinny on that area. He says it’s all about the money. But Johnny, like Gary who died, also has bladder cancer.

What is normal?


The funny thing is nothing is really wrong with him. A long time ago he had a problem so he went in for a cystoscopy. This is a process in which the doctor sticks a tube with a camera up the penis and looks in the bladder for cysts. If they find anything, they either cut it out or biopsy it. Well, they found something and cut it out. After a few days Johnny started pissing blood and went three times to the ER with the same result: “That’s normal after taking out a cyst.”

Cut it out, it’s “just routine.”

When I say nothing was wrong with him, I don’t exactly mean that. He felt fine. Yet, he has diabetes and shoots himself up with insulin. Before he went in for the cystoscopy, they tested his blood count. White cells too high! He has leukemia! Can’t do the operation until the blood count gets stabilized. His eyesight is going so he has to have needle shots into his eyes. He’s keeps getting broken blood vessels in this legs from the diabetes and to top it off, he’s got two fungus toe nails. But he wasn’t in pain from his bladder. Just a routine check.

Is there an  Anti-protocol Protocol?

For the last year I’ve been suggesting he come with me to the natural foods store and get started on the protocol of natural vitamins and whole foods, but he won’t do it. Like my old friend Gary who died from chemo, Johnny looks to the medical profession—he looks at them like gods.—Gods which spend less than 5 minutes examining him, unzip him and zip him back up, push this or that wonder drug–use a silver allopathic bullet to kill the werewolf incubus spreading inside.

Is there a magic bullet?

There’s a phrase from a song by Cream, or maybe Stevie Winwood: “Come down on your own, and leave your body alone. . . “   Believing that doctors have a magic cure for your disease goes back to the very heart of our tribal ancestral indoctrination by the  class of priests.

I wish I had the answer, but . . .

If you’ve got cancer, get all the help you can but be very wary of cutting, radiation, or chemo.

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How to Open the Doors to Success?

What do I need to know?

The basics of human interaction on the internet or anywhere else is gaining attention. Once attention is gained then you have entry into the mind set. Therefore, any marketing effort, any directed selling through affiliate or anywhere else, needs to first attract attention.

How does a person gain attention?

The mouth is the door of the mind. The mind is the host of the spirit. Will, intention, joy, desire, thought, worry, knowledge, and planning all go in and out through the door. Therefore they are governed by opening and closing, controlled in their exit and entry. Opening means speech. Closing means silence.  Speech and silence, should be harmonious. End and beginning should be correct.

(an old bromide: put your mind in gear before opening your mouth)

Thus to talk of longevity, happiness, wealth, status, fame, love fondness, material gain, success, joy or desire is called the beginning. And so talk of death, grief, trouble, poverty, lowliness, disgrace, rejection, loss, disappointment, injury, punishment, execution, or penalty; this is called the end.

To start, speak of what’s good.

 All speech in this category is called a beginning, meaning that one speaks of what is good in order to initiate projects. All speech in the end category is called bad as one speaks of endings to conclude strategic planning.

 How get a following?

When you set out snares to catch animals, you set many of them where animals may be expected to run into them, and you watch over them. When your way is in conformity with actuality, others will emerge and come to you of their own accord: this is the net that catches people. The procedure is to convert others by questioning them and observing what their feelings depend on.

You need to know yourself.

You need equanimity or mental calmness to prepare yourself in order to listen to people’s statements, examine their affairs, assess myriad things, and distinguish relative merits. You need to see specific matters, see their subtleties and know their types. If you are searching into people and live in their midst, you can measure their abilities and see into their intentions. This will never fail to add up.

Therefore, knowledge begins from knowing yourself, after that you can know others.

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Who’s the Authority?

You are the Authority!

One needs to establish themselves not just as an expert, but as “the” authority. Experts have a lot of experience, but authorities have an audience which unquestionably gives a damn.  Authorities are people who are in the position to lay down the law-their law-and have people accept it. The authority sets the rules, the tone for the industry, who is the leader, not because they claim to be but because they have followers.

Here are the Strategies

Strategy # 1:

Don’t wear a label, have a mission. The kiss of death for your brand is when you have a simplistic label that you identify your brand with-life coach, internet marketer, consultant, whatever—people will see you as part of this great big group they already have templates for in their minds. And you will not stand out, AT ALL! You need a mission. Your mission is to bring (your purpose) to your industry. Then you’re not another so and so, you’re you!

You need to decide what it is you stand for and what you bring to the industry. And then you need to live that out loud so no one can possible put a label on you. And then nobody forgets you.

Strategy # 2

Don’t say you’re an expert, prove it!

The most important things is: Blowing people’s minds, again, and again, and again. And again!

Forget social media. Forget blogging three times a week. Forget about “extending the conversation. Screw Conversation! Monologue instead. Monologue about everything you know. Your insights. Imagine every post you wrote was required to bring in $ 10,000 in business for you. Write articles. Write 4,000-6,000 words with amazing depth of content.

What’s doing the talking for you! An “about” page or a Twitter bio that says you’re and expert? Don’t say it—show it in every post, every download, every video—everything.

Strategy # 3

Don’t say you’re great, let other people say it.

People don’t believe what you say about you. They believe what other people say about you. So make sure you blow the minds of vocal people so you have plenty of self promotion ammunition. Do good stuff for others, and they’ll say some great stuff about you. Take screenshots.

So keep your mouth shut about how great you are and focus on impressing people enough that they’re talking about you all over the place. Then you can spend even more time focusing on blowing people’s minds. It’s an upward spiral.

Strategy # 4

Don’t be part of the conversation, make the converstation.

The sign of a true authority is not that they’re the smartest person in a conversation, it’s that they’re making the conversation. They bring up the things no one else will talk about, they’re asking the scary questions, they’re putting their ass on the line and taking a stand.

Strategy # 5: Don’t pay your dues. Earn your position.

  • Acknowledge how damned amazing you are.
  • Prove it to the biggest players in your industry, and
  • Align with them.


What do Authorities Really Do?

They are taking a stand in a big way, on a regular basis. They are telling their audiences, “THIS is what we need to be talking about. THIS is what’s important to address. Like it or not, popular or not, this needs to be said.”

It’s not about manufactured controversy. It’s about knowing your mission, and knowing how you want to change or improve your industry (or change and improve the way your life goes) and playing this full on—full out!

People earn authority by taking their stands. They throw their stones!

Why not throw a stone at me? Really?!


  • pendulum












What are the conditions of a game?

The factors which make a game, which is a contest of person against person or team against team are that a game consists of freedoms, barriers and purposes.  There is a necessity in a game to have an opponent or an enemy. Also there is a necessity to have problems, and enough individuality to cope with a situation.

Do you have a purpose?

To live life fully, then, one must have, in addition to “something to do,” a higher purpose–and this purpose, to be a purpose at all, must have counter-purposes or purposes which prevent it from occurring. If a person lacks problems, opponents and counter-purposes to his own, he will invent them.


the question mark domino

What are the Elements of Games?

  • A game consists of freedoms, barriers, and purposes.
  • One’s team must prevent itself being damaged, and deliver an effect upon the other team or opponent.
  • A game should have a space, that is, a playing field.
  • A game is played in the same time continuum. That is, in the present.
  • A game must have something which is to be won.
  • A game has tone. It must include or exclude things or others.
  • Games occur only when there is intention opposing intention, purpose opposing purpose.
  • Being in a game is better than not having any game.
  • Games are basic mechanisms for gaining and  continuing attention.



Four Elements in the Game of Life

the question mark domino

What do you want?

These four elements—freedom, barriers, purposes and power of choice—are the guiding elements of life. There are only two factors above these, and both of them are related to these. The first is the ability to create, and of course, the ability to un-create stuff, things, and problems. The second is the ability to make up a reason to do this. This, then, is the broad picture of life, and in bringing life into focus and in making it less confusing, these elements are used to  understand your life.

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This is a funny question. I almost laughed as I thought about it. Ha. Ha. But now I’m joking. Of course you can have more life. Ask anyone who is depressed, who’s ill, or who’s working at job where they come home so exhausted they fall asleep in front of the boob tube. But the question is not whether or not you can have more life, but “How do you get more life?”

How to  have more life?

There is an older book, originally published in 1954. The new edition of “HOW TO LIVE 365 DAYS A YEAR,” by John A. Schindler is dedicated to “ . . . the unsung magnificence of ordinary people. . .” It’s all about growing up emotionally and gaining the energy that life holds for grownups.  If you’re troubled, or have the feeling that there is more to life than what your living right now, then take note of what is said in this book.


The Key thought: Carry this idea in every minute of every day. I am going to keep my attitude and thinking calm and cheerful—RIGHT NOW!   When the going is good: Tell yourself life is good, and allow yourself the delightful feeling of being happy.


Stay outwardly as cheerful and as pleasant as you possibly can. Lighten an awkward situation with a life of humor, with kindness, or a bit of a smile. Avoid running your misfortune through your mind like a repeating phonograph record. Above all, do not let yourself get irritated, upset, hysterical, or self-pitying.



Resignation                          Let’s accept this setback gracefully

Courage                                  I’ll take all this and more

Determination                     I’ll turn this defeat into victory

Cheerfulness                        See, I’m coming up.

Pleasantness                         I still have goodwill toward men.


Keep life simple. Avoid watching for a knock in your motor. Like work. Have a good hobby.

Learn to be satisfied. Like people. Say the cheerful, pleasant thing. Turn the defeats of adversity into victory. Meet your problems with decision. Concentrate on making the present moment an emotional success. Always be planning something. Say “Nuts!” to irritations.




  • Responsibility and independence, instead of dependence.
  • A giving rather than a receiving attitude.
  • Co-operativeness and a feeling for the human enterprise, instead of egoism and competitiveness.
  • Gentleness, kindliness, and goodwill, instead of hostile aggressiveness, anger, hate, cruelty, and belligerence.
  • The ability to distinguish fact from fancy.
  • Flexibility and adaptability, instead of awkward and stubborn resistance to changes dictated by fate, fortune, and intelligence.



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