What are the conditions of a game?

The factors which make a game, which is a contest of person against person or team against team are that a game consists of freedoms, barriers and purposes.  There is a necessity in a game to have an opponent or an enemy. Also there is a necessity to have problems, and enough individuality to cope with a situation.

Do you have a purpose?

To live life fully, then, one must have, in addition to “something to do,” a higher purpose–and this purpose, to be a purpose at all, must have counter-purposes or purposes which prevent it from occurring. If a person lacks problems, opponents and counter-purposes to his own, he will invent them.


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What are the Elements of Games?

  • A game consists of freedoms, barriers, and purposes.
  • One’s team must prevent itself being damaged, and deliver an effect upon the other team or opponent.
  • A game should have a space, that is, a playing field.
  • A game is played in the same time continuum. That is, in the present.
  • A game must have something which is to be won.
  • A game has tone. It must include or exclude things or others.
  • Games occur only when there is intention opposing intention, purpose opposing purpose.
  • Being in a game is better than not having any game.
  • Games are basic mechanisms for gaining and  continuing attention.



Four Elements in the Game of Life

the question mark domino

What do you want?

These four elements—freedom, barriers, purposes and power of choice—are the guiding elements of life. There are only two factors above these, and both of them are related to these. The first is the ability to create, and of course, the ability to un-create stuff, things, and problems. The second is the ability to make up a reason to do this. This, then, is the broad picture of life, and in bringing life into focus and in making it less confusing, these elements are used to  understand your life.

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steve-best-me    Have Fun.    Thanks,  Steve


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