What’s the Purpose of Business?

Is there a new BETTER paradigm?

When you speak to a person deep within the internet business paradigm, it’s often hard to communicate simply because they are speaking a different language. If you initiate a topic of which you are interested, they may like Google initiate their “Got it!” click button, and, especially if they have ADHD–they will suppose you don’t understand and they will interject select phrases like “It’s all about collaboration,” or “You have to make as many friends as possible.”

Isn’t it about the Money?

Not according to my friend, Dave Ashley, who runs Quantum Knowledge Systems. He seems to be saying the purpose of business is to work with, to collaborate with, as many people as possible. If I can rephrase what he’s been telling me, I think he said “The object of business is to locate a prospect, make that prospect a customer, and turn that customer into a friend.”

What’s the Secret of Success?

One needs to understand that people have wants. For instance, some people want to be able to lose weight and still eat whatever they want. That’s a want. What they actually need may be different. They probably need to eat healthier and exercise more. What does that say? The secret is to treat people in a way that matches the nature of your relationship. If you’re their coach, you need to coach and not be didactic or pedantic. If you’re their professor, perhaps a heuristic approach is correct.

What’s the Nature of the Business Relationship?

It’s certainly not “busy-ness.” The new paradigm of social networking business is to create customers. Here is the design:



Yea Gads. Too complicated for my small mind. I’ll stick to having some fun. Why not?



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