I Dumped the Fake News

The weather in Los Angeles has been rainy for a couple of days and I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube. I stopped watching TV about 5 years ago because it rotted my mind. As I sat through a repeat of Two Men and a Boy, it occurred to me why not just dump this artificial medium. So I did. But news is important and the radio doesn’t seem to provide what I need. What to do? I turned to YouTube and started watching various channels. I tend to focus on sagacity.

What or who is a sage?

In his book The Key to the True Quabbalah, as Franz Bardon explains Tetra-grammaton , he says “A theorist may become a scientist, but never a sage.”  And in the Wen-Tzu, the Further Teachings of Lao-Tsu—as translated by Thomas Cleary:

“Those whom we call sages suit their real conditions, that is all: they eat according to the size of their bellies, dress according to the size of their bodies. Since they moderate themselves, there is no way for an attitude polluted by greed to arise in their minds . . . “ and

      “If there is nothing shrouding the spirit, and nothing burdening the mind, you are completely clear and thoroughly in tune, peaceful and unconcerned. Power and profit cannot tempt you, sound and form cannot seduce you, speechmakers cannot frighten you. This is the freedom of real people.”

Who are the YouTube Real People?

I don’t know, but as I tend to like to watch sage-like presenters, here are some of the channels I like.









The Sane Progressive



Are these people sages? It would be foolish for me to say. Check them out.

PS. Here’s a little trick. When you watch videos, click on the YouTube gear at the bottom right and change the settings to 1.5 ( one and a half times faster). You can do it.

Also click over to our website:   WISDOMGAME and download a free fun report. It’s the New News Paradigm: Use entertainment to  educate and enlighten.

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