Can the Zodiac Drive Business?

The Zodiac

According to the school of astrologists a person’s individuality, his positive side, his character, are determined by the zodiacal sign in which the sun is found at his birth. The etymology, or history of the word zodiac, is the circle of little animals—these are animals and images  we would form in a clear night sky at the time of our birth. That is, the 12 zodiacal signs are animals and images that are created as forms by the star’s design in our minds if we looked at the sky at night–on the date we were born. Often we find a distinct relationship between what characteristics we attribute to each zodiac animal and symbol and what we think of our personalities.

Can This Help in Business?

For Sure! Those born under the sign of the Ram tend to want to be first. They look ahead–so they might be more appropriate in your team as visionaries. Those born between April 21 and May 21, Taurus the bull,  are steadfast producers and might be better to manage a long term project. The sign of the Crab, Cancers, are devoted family people. They might be your HR.

Maybe Not.

Maybe you just want to set up a venture using the broadcast paradigm. Write the names of the candidates on the back of some cards and toss them out. Failure is a giant part of success. How does one know until they try? However, hiring failures can mean a lot of time wasted and the end result may be systemic collapse. The whole shebang goes into the waste can. Astrological signs may be able to help you understand who your associates are and what they can do for you.

The Signs:

March 21 to April 21

The sign of Ares the Ram sometimes spoils for a fight as they are a born with the inherent drive to be first. They are eager and brave and they have a quick-working brain. Often, they are keen to help and will naturally step forward and take charge. They are the first to take up the cause and mission of the organization and will lead the way toward the summit of the vision.

April 21 to May 21

Taurus folks are strong-willed and sometimes give in to the nature of their desires. They are usually quite people, but often willful and like a bull can be suddenly roused. Generally, they are stable and good willed, but sometimes they are angered and lose their temper. They love devotedly and often fall in love with work, play, or with what they are occupied. They are extremely patient workers.

                                                                                                  Mat 21 to June 21

Those born under the sign of Gemini have the Twins as their symbol. They have a dual type of mind which can see both sides of any question. They jump with keen interest into any new idea. They are extremely quick and brilliant and after intensely studying life they develop highly logical reasoning minds. Often, as they have accessed many branches of knowledge, they lead the organization as visionaries

June 21 to July 22

Cancer people are sometimes restless and need to travel, but they have a genius for family life and parenthood. Like a crab, they may zig-zag through life going backwards and forwards. They are very industrious and very patient. They may work on a challenge for a time developing all aspects. They are tenacious and intense.

                                                                                July 22 to August 23

In the sign of Leo the lion, are found strong people who have large hearts and sometimes rule with an iron fist. They are people of power who are proud. They are ambitious and often popular. While they are impulsive and forceful, they have a talent for self-expression.  These are well-developed people both physically and mentally who attract those who have not reached their stature.


August 23 to September 23

The sign of Virgo has a natural fastidiousness and critical faculty. Often they are quick minded and adaptable to any pursuit and they usually have exquisite taste and are practical and resourceful. They aspire to be more than simply in the material world, and through this have highly imaginative minds. They are great in evaluation,  assessment and appraisals.

September 23 to October 23

Libra. This sign stands on their own two feet and works out their challenges. They are thoughtful, practically, and outwardly materialistic. They are interested in science and frame their lives around the intellect, and they are organizers–happiest when they are leading an ordered group. They employ tact, empathy, and patience.

October 23 TO November 22

The sign of Scorpio is sometimes their own enemy, but often full of wisdom and attains spiritual heights. They are usually very versatile, full of ideas. Often they are leaders who can sway audiences. They are great orators, mental fighters, proud, ambitious, while at the same time sensitive and good organizers. In an organization, they make peace and develop mission.

November 22 to December 21

The Sagittarius people instinctively grasp the fact that truth is beautiful and joyful, and translate that realization into a keen wish to spread joy and beauty around them. They are lovers of life, full of kindly humor. They may be domineering, egotistical and stubborn; but, they can not live without attempting to make their friends happy. They are full of hospitality. They encourage. Extremely versatile, They are high-strung and have agile minds and prophetic instincts. 

December 21 to January 21

The sign of Capricorn thoughtful and practical. They are independent, proud and domineering. They are happiest when they are leading a group because they have tact, pity and patience. They often see outside of themselves and identify with human kind. They are exceptional and complex people.

January 21 to February 21

In the age of Aquarius, this sign gives more importance to others than to their selves. They feel they are part of the whole. They love to collaborate, to be part of the movement forward. The Aquarian pours out the waters of their soul to feed others. They love to merge with others and work in intimate relation with the group. They are clear, honest and have a love and sympathy with human weakness and often can see through people by using intuition. 

February 21 to March 21

The sign of Pisces has the ability to merge into the lives of others. Therefore their character is complex. They need confidence and encouragement to shine, and they can be brilliant, decorative, and romantic which may lead them to almost fanatical devotion to their friends. They often travel to visit these friends, and at work they best function in collaboration.

Knowing these signs may help you to determine the best positions for your team. At the very least it’s a lot of fun.

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The above is interpreted from a book by Vera  Stanley Alder, The Finding of the Third Eye.


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