Are You Part of the Community?

Or are you an individual who strives to reach the top of Pyramid Peak, raise a fist toward the clouds and shout “Eureka!”? Are you a follower who lives for collaboration and can’t wait to dig into a new project with help from friends? Can you be both? Can you be in an organization and be an individual? The New World Order would love it if you would be a sheep-person, that is, a sheeple. But right here in this time, right now, we’re not interested in fake news or conspiracy theories, we’re thinking a bit more practically. In their new book, Pendulum, Roy Williams and Michael Drew make some starling insights for anyone who wants to be successful in the new paradigm of our coming future.

Wisdomgame takes a break on the way to the summit.


Is Your Age Important?

Baby boomers were born between 1946 and 1964. Gen-xers are called generation next or y and were born between 1965 and 1981. Millennials in general were born between 1989 and 2005. But what counts is the attitude. It’s about how you see the world. In the book, Pendulum, the authors define the word generation as “life cohorts bonded by a set of values that dictate the prevailing worldview of the majority.” If baby boomers and Millennials see the world the same, they’re “life cohorts.”

Are you in the “Me” or the “We” generation cohorts?

At our website, Wisdomgame. org we’re a bunch of old farts but we want to make the world sing in three-part harmony.  We’re at the tipping point right now between the old world and the new. The new paradigm is collective enterprise. Hey, wait a minute. We’ve got a free report that explains all that: Think Like an Internet Whiz-Kid. This reports points out that failure in the new collective enterprise is part of the game. It’s a learning experience that drives success. So . . . maybe you’ve failed . . .

What difference does it make?

Failure is a learning experience, it’s not personal. The process of the new paradigm is to find out what people want, become their friends, get to know them, and then help them to determine and give them what they need to have better more wholesome lives. It’s all about “We.” The Pendulum swings. The cohorts are heading toward and leading their friends into a  one community generation.

Are “We” doing what’s right?

There’s no right or wrong. The pendulum swings in cycles between ultra individuality and collectivism. One thing is for sure, in business on the net you can make a lot of friends and help a lot of people. The trick is to figure out how to have a personal touch and still deal with a large audience. Time is limited. Wait! Is it? Maybe that’s the whole point. Age is mute. Time is mute.

What really counts?

At our website we say our business is ALL ABOUT HAVING FUN. People learn by doing so when something is fun then it’s easy. Our mission is to use entertainment to educate and enlighten. A game has traps, ways of getting free, intents, opponents and rewards:



By playing–by fun–you give the green light to live the life of your dreams. We’d love it if you could help us by leaving a comment or checking us out by clicking on the logo. Thanks.



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