You Can Have it All!



I’m still a little worn out from the flu so I’m reviewing some books I read awhile back. Today I outline You Can Have it All by Arnold Patent. I’m paraphrasing his script:

Solving Problems:

Every problem is an outward manifestation of our state of consciousness. When that state is clear and at peace, the problem disappears. Every attempt we make to resolve a problem by changing something outside of ourselves will be unsuccessful. We literally create all of our problems and they do not disappear until we clear our consciousness of the issue represented by the problem. What we consider our toughest problems are just reflections of those issues which we have the most resistance to solving.


Acknowledge all of the abundance you already have. Whatever you focus your thoughts on expands. Spend more time doing what you love. Keep your ideal day in mind. Participate in a support system. Notice what works for you and continue doing it.


When we are willing to surrender to the inherent perfection of the Universe and let it flow through us, we shall achieve the very results to which we aspire.


When do you achieved mastery of something? It is when you assume it works perfectly in your life. You release any concern or thought about it and release the need to influence or control it.  We have mastered money when it is no longer a concern in our lives. We trust it to function perfectly.

Money is just a form of energy.

If we wish it to flow freely in our lives, we must have no attachment to it and no concern about it. Thoughts of concern or attachment create energy blocks, and the flow is impeded.

The Universe is an experience of ease and simplicity. Universal principles and concepts are simple and easy. Move slowly, gently, and lovingly and it cooperates and allows you to have it.

 The Universe Handles the Details.

Following our intuition, our connection with infinite intelligence provides us with the perfect signals or guidance without any effort on our part.

The Universe wants us to experience a life that works perfectly. Thinking that life is a struggle, that unless we figure things out we will not understand what to do, are just thoughts we make up. The fact that many people think this way, does not make it true.

We can at any time surrender to the perfection of the Universe and allow infinite intelligence to guide us on our perfect path. The only precondition to this is the belief that this is how the Universe works. Believing it makes it so! There is no other way to find out!

Remember, we attract to us those people and events that are consistent with the energy signals we emit. When we are feeling happy, joyful, and wonderful, we attract to us people and events that will sustain us in remaining happy and wonderful.

The Universe created us to express ourselves as a perfect reflections of Itself. We are the vehicles of the Universe. We serve one another by giving freely of our talents and rendering services or making products which we create by virtue of these talents. The natural result of this process is that money and other material wealth flows easily throughout our lives.  Whenever we reverse this process and make money the primary motivating factor, we lose.





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