Who will run AI?


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You Matter!

Every major movement and corporate direction is created and directed by one person. Oh sure, this is the age of collaboration. I’ve even written about the new paradigm and how people are working together in this age where everyone is connected. Let’s look at realities for a minute.

What Do Steve Jobs and Martin Luther King Have in Common?

Steve Jobs motivated his development team to produce a device which changed the world of communication. Martin Luther King integrated freedom and equality. Okay. One doesn’t have to be Ayn Rand and stand on top of Atlas. The foundations of the world are changing, but as always some things stay the same.

Will AI be different?

Probably not. Prognosticators are always hidden by the shadow of the sign declaring “The end of the world is near!” I’m working on a book now called Future Aphorisms.  Here’s one for you. “Artificial Intelligence that doesn’t work is just dumb.” One person’s drive, determination, and will will always be the force that changes everything. . . even in the new world paradigm of connected collaboration where even things are smart. We need strong people to lead.

Ask yourself this question. “Do you have what it takes. . . Well, do you?

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