How to Open the Doors to Success?

What do I need to know?

The basics of human interaction on the internet or anywhere else is gaining attention. Once attention is gained then you have entry into the mind set. Therefore, any marketing effort, any directed selling through affiliate or anywhere else, needs to first attract attention.

How does a person gain attention?

The mouth is the door of the mind. The mind is the host of the spirit. Will, intention, joy, desire, thought, worry, knowledge, and planning all go in and out through the door. Therefore they are governed by opening and closing, controlled in their exit and entry. Opening means speech. Closing means silence.  Speech and silence, should be harmonious. End and beginning should be correct.

(an old bromide: put your mind in gear before opening your mouth)

Thus to talk of longevity, happiness, wealth, status, fame, love fondness, material gain, success, joy or desire is called the beginning. And so talk of death, grief, trouble, poverty, lowliness, disgrace, rejection, loss, disappointment, injury, punishment, execution, or penalty; this is called the end.

To start, speak of what’s good.

 All speech in this category is called a beginning, meaning that one speaks of what is good in order to initiate projects. All speech in the end category is called bad as one speaks of endings to conclude strategic planning.

 How get a following?

When you set out snares to catch animals, you set many of them where animals may be expected to run into them, and you watch over them. When your way is in conformity with actuality, others will emerge and come to you of their own accord: this is the net that catches people. The procedure is to convert others by questioning them and observing what their feelings depend on.

You need to know yourself.

You need equanimity or mental calmness to prepare yourself in order to listen to people’s statements, examine their affairs, assess myriad things, and distinguish relative merits. You need to see specific matters, see their subtleties and know their types. If you are searching into people and live in their midst, you can measure their abilities and see into their intentions. This will never fail to add up.

Therefore, knowledge begins from knowing yourself, after that you can know others.

Get to know yourself in a fun and experiential way. WISDOMGAME.

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