Who’s the Authority?

You are the Authority!

One needs to establish themselves not just as an expert, but as “the” authority. Experts have a lot of experience, but authorities have an audience which unquestionably gives a damn.  Authorities are people who are in the position to lay down the law-their law-and have people accept it. The authority sets the rules, the tone for the industry, who is the leader, not because they claim to be but because they have followers.

Here are the Strategies

Strategy # 1:

Don’t wear a label, have a mission. The kiss of death for your brand is when you have a simplistic label that you identify your brand with-life coach, internet marketer, consultant, whatever—people will see you as part of this great big group they already have templates for in their minds. And you will not stand out, AT ALL! You need a mission. Your mission is to bring (your purpose) to your industry. Then you’re not another so and so, you’re you!

You need to decide what it is you stand for and what you bring to the industry. And then you need to live that out loud so no one can possible put a label on you. And then nobody forgets you.

Strategy # 2

Don’t say you’re an expert, prove it!

The most important things is: Blowing people’s minds, again, and again, and again. And again!

Forget social media. Forget blogging three times a week. Forget about “extending the conversation. Screw Conversation! Monologue instead. Monologue about everything you know. Your insights. Imagine every post you wrote was required to bring in $ 10,000 in business for you. Write articles. Write 4,000-6,000 words with amazing depth of content.

What’s doing the talking for you! An “about” page or a Twitter bio that says you’re and expert? Don’t say it—show it in every post, every download, every video—everything.

Strategy # 3

Don’t say you’re great, let other people say it.

People don’t believe what you say about you. They believe what other people say about you. So make sure you blow the minds of vocal people so you have plenty of self promotion ammunition. Do good stuff for others, and they’ll say some great stuff about you. Take screenshots.

So keep your mouth shut about how great you are and focus on impressing people enough that they’re talking about you all over the place. Then you can spend even more time focusing on blowing people’s minds. It’s an upward spiral.

Strategy # 4

Don’t be part of the conversation, make the converstation.

The sign of a true authority is not that they’re the smartest person in a conversation, it’s that they’re making the conversation. They bring up the things no one else will talk about, they’re asking the scary questions, they’re putting their ass on the line and taking a stand.

Strategy # 5: Don’t pay your dues. Earn your position.

  • Acknowledge how damned amazing you are.
  • Prove it to the biggest players in your industry, and
  • Align with them.


What do Authorities Really Do?

They are taking a stand in a big way, on a regular basis. They are telling their audiences, “THIS is what we need to be talking about. THIS is what’s important to address. Like it or not, popular or not, this needs to be said.”

It’s not about manufactured controversy. It’s about knowing your mission, and knowing how you want to change or improve your industry (or change and improve the way your life goes) and playing this full on—full out!

People earn authority by taking their stands. They throw their stones!

Why not throw a stone at me? Really?!


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