Tripping Over the Truth

The Truth About Cancer

Cancer is a horrific disease. In the lay public mind it’s a sentence. An asteroid is heading toward your earth and there’s nothing you can do about it. You have a cringing choice. You can get radiation or chemotherapy which take your body to the edge of death in hopes the cancer dies before you do and also that you can be resuscitated—but you will never be the same.

Gary Dies

Some years ago my friend Gary was amazingly strong at 60 years old. He was six feet four, blonde and rode his bike, hiked, and was a great coffee buddy. We had long talks just about everything. Gary taught me that when someone comes before you they have something to say. They want to talk and the most important thing you can do is listen to them. He would close his computer or put down what he was reading. I  became the center of his attention.  One day he said he couldn’t pee.  Two months later after a long course of chemo, he died of bladder cancer.



Chemo Killed Him

Before he started chemo, I offered to have him move into the house and go through an alternative therapy, the Gerson protocol, in which one drinks carrot and green juices. Gary didn’t want that, and I understood. When the possibility of dying is a reality, people tend to look to authority. But here’s a couple of real facts: 20% of people who enter hospitals come out in a box, and the average age that doctors die is 59.  So what to do?

The Struggle Continues

In his book, Tripping Over the Truth, Travis Chriostofferson delves deep into the story of humanity’s continuous struggle to uncover the origin of cancer. It’s a story of discovery and hope, and it dispels the gigantic myth that cancer is a genetic disease. When the Cancer Genome Atlas project failed to provide a roadmap to a cure for cancer, a call rang out in the medical research community: “Look deeper.”

The Currency of Life

The Mitochondria are the cellular energy systems of the body. Christofferson says “The importance of the mitochondria predates everything human, mammal, reptile, amphibian, or dinosaur.” Through evolution, “ . . . Mitochondria became remarkably efficient at manufacturing adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the cells energetic “currency.” . . .”


Notice the large interior surface area

What do you think?

I agree with his premise that cancer is a metabolic disease caused by the weakening of the mitochondria–the energy production cellular mechanism. My particular belief is that this is caused by the consumption of sugar.  If you want understand this please go to Sugar Science. You can download charts and info to stop this epidemic.

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Thanks, Steve



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