How to Use Metaphor to Get What You Want


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A metaphor is a word or phrase.

It is used refer to another to illustrate or add value or interest. Meta is Greek meaning after or beyond. Phor is Greek meaning to bear or carry. So metaphor is basically to carry the meaning of a word beyond the literal. So how does this apply to getting what you want in life?

the question mark domino

What do you want?

What I’ve been thinking about is the domino effect.

That is, if you wanted something and knew enough about circumstances in the future you could moved one little thing and that would topple all the dominoes to produce the final effect. So the domino effect is a metaphor of how to get the car, or job, or money, or love you want. You set up circumstances and tip the first one, then they all fall and what you want magically appears.
Now, this is going to take a lot of planning which depends on order.

That’s what you do when you set up the dominoes. They have to be a certain distance from each other and angled just right or when they fall they won’t knock down the final which is what you’re desiring. You have to start from the end and work backwards. This in fact is magical. You need to decide what you want. Is it fun? Adventure? Love or money? Power?

If you want some magic and adventure in your life read this book. Click on the cover below.

cover for novel dick phillips

Fantasy and adventure

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