This question actually asks “Is there a higher human potential that can be accessed?” That sometimes we’re bored, that we do the same job over and over, that life often presents itself as if we were on a stormy sea and then long periods in the doldrums . . . this is taken for granted. That the great mass of humanity uses alcohol, drugs, and various dulling forms of entertainment isn’t in question either. Is there another reality that we’ve missed due to our compartmentalized lives? Let’s look at some real important people and their realizations.

In his autobiography written in 1919, Nickola Tesla wrote:


We are automata entirely controlled by the forces of the medium being tossed about like corks on the surface of the water, but mistaking the resultant of the impulses from the outside for free will. The movements and other actions we perform are always life preservative and tho seemingly quite independent from one another, we are connected by invisible links. So long as the organism is in perfect order it responds accurately to the agents that prompt it, but the moment that here is some derangement in any individual, his slef-preservative power is impaired.”

Next post: Gurdjieff.


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