How to be a professional Poet.

Banish Fear!

If you want to do anything creative in life you have to take a chance and maybe risk it all. That means you must banish the fear of failure and the fear of appearing like a fool. For many years I was a performing poet in Santa Barbara. One of the greatest enjoyments of my life was doing extemporaneous performances. Sometimes I failed miserably, but what it taught me was invaluable. So what if you can’t remember a line or two or even the whole poem so you stand there like a bump on a log. So what!

A professional poet has to juggle balls like a monkey on a wire or a court jester. People don’t care so much about what words mean. They care about sounds and silences and how your eyes bulge when you say “blimp!” or “bookie, bookie.” When you’re up in front of a bunch of nutty poets or 500 attendees of a TED conference, you’re a puppet on a short lease if you don’t get rid of your fear. So here’s a video called the Sweating Joker. It’s the first poem in my book, The Sweating Joker Poems. Very short but you’ll get a feel of how and what you have to go through to be a professional. The video link is:

Here’s the picture of me and my doll:

Wisdomgame and his doll.

Poetry did this for me!

Pretty foolish! You can buy my book of poetry right here:

Follow this blog as the next entry will explain how to use humor in your poetry and a sure way to get people to laugh. As Freud said it’s just a matter of mentioning the word “knob.”


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