Sharp but Foolish

The Oxymoronic Process

In the last blog we said that opposed to discovering secret knowledge — truths come from processes. Examples from Taoism’s diamond body, the etheric chakra system of Yoga, and Christianity were discussed. Now, what we suffer from is being mechanically driven by habit. This is called sleeping.  The idea behind this blog is that we can wake up and create our reality. However, this presents a type of oxymoron. (oxy meaning sharp and moron—foolish) In other words, the question appears: how can one use a “process,” which implies being mechanical, to wake up from being a machine? This would have to be a very sharp process observing the subtlest mechanical movements of a person and correcting those machinations but itself not be so onerous to create a foolish marionette. Some groups believe this is possible.

Theta Ɵ

Scientology as explained by its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, is the science of knowing how to know. Know what? To know that each person is an eternal soul inhibiting a body. They call this a “Thetan”, and is expressed by the symbol Ɵ. Their process is quite deep, well thought out and systematic. It’s scientific in that it creates a hypothesis, tests and retests coming to a thesis that results in a synthesis. It is that people have an eternal form they don’t know about but through processing they can know it; by testing and retesting multiple cases the process verifies this, and finally as synthesis provides the steps by which anyone can verify this. Their process is basically understanding reality and becoming aware that you, as a soul or thetan Ɵ, can create any reality. It’s a remarkable process.

Jumping Up and Down as a Release

But it’s still a process and so it’s oxymoronic (sharp, serious but foolish). Thus the best known modern day representative, Tom Cruise, may act in serious movies like Live, Die, Repeat which have distinct metaphysical overtones, and he can also jump up and down on Oprah’s couch. Well, the Sufi’s understand that using mechanical processes have limits which are in fact quite humorous. So they use humor as a means of release.

In the next blog we discuss humor and limits. An easy example will be given so you can see how using limits can actually move you beyond self-imposed limits. Sounds oxymoronic . . . but it works.





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