Hidden Truths at Trail Heads

Hidden Truths Come From Processes

In the last blog it was said that there is no secret knowledge. In fact, if you’re near a major university library or in a large city, or on the Internet, you can find almost all there is to know. Not quite, because hidden truths are developed out of processes. A trail head tells you there is a path but it doesn’t usually tell you elevations, scenic views and so on. Often, what is important is not arriving. Making the hike is what counts. Similarly, what is being pointed to here in this blog is not the hidden truth of any division of self-help psychology or theology. Rather, these snippets are little trailheads demarking places to start.

  • Tao is mysticism which defines the Way and employs the device of creating an eternal diamond body using the breath to rotate sexual vitality around a water wheel up the back of the body, around the head, and down the front.
  • Kundalini Yoga is a means of returning, or reintegrating one’s self with cosmic unity and uses the breath to bring up the energy from the spinning wheel chakra at the base of the spine through the etheric chakras above the head.
  • Sufism is an organized body of knowledge which uses multiple devices coordinated with the times, the individual and circumstances to awaken a person to reality.
  • The 4th way is a type of Sufism that uses the device of “Self-remembering” to awaken the individual to reality.
  • Christianity is a belief system built on love and uses the device of locating God as an external force and placing that force within the individual.

A person might ask “Why should any device be needed?”

You Are Your Own Authority

To use a colloquialism (meaning co-local or familiar): in the Matrix Neo is offered a blue or red pill. This device breaks him free. For whatever reason, a matrix of habit, routine, and sleep has formed. There is no blue pill. The devices listed above aren’t secret either. They are trailheads of processes.  On a hike you can go alone, but often you do better with a friend who has hiked the trail. The role of a teacher needs be that of a friend  . . . but actually you don’t have to take a friend, or even hike on the trail. You can free climb. Be your own authority.

You create your life. You matter.



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