Is There Secret Knowledge?

Secret Knowledge vs. Hidden Truth

This is an interesting question which is a bit difficult upon which to expound. The answer depends on a person’s viewpoint. For instance, from the point of view of a lighter of lamps 500 years ago in the 17th century the electric lamp would appear to be the greatest secret. We have to be careful now. To believe that present day science has uncovered all the laws of nature distinctly limits what may be discovered. There is a lot more to come. In other words, to an outsider, what Maxwell, Faraday and Tesla discovered about electricity may seem like hidden secrets. Yet, to them they were hidden truths. Hidden secrets imply secret societies and covenants that only dribble out dibs and dabs of knowledge to select followers. Hidden truths are what a person uncovers through the process of discovery.

Knowledge is Material

G.I. Gurdjieff describes secrets saying everything in the world is material and limited, and knowledge is also material and also limited. Therefore, like butter on bread, if real knowledge is spread over a very wide area it becomes too thin for anyone to taste. There is no secret knowledge. Since knowledge is material it can’t be for everyone. Rather, it is  only for those who are able to hike the path necessary to acquire it.

Truth Comes from Process

This path is the process of personal discovery. And the people who aren’t interested in this path will believe that knowledge is being purposefully withheld, that it’s secret. They will go on believing “It’s all Greek to me,” and besides I can’t miss that repeat of Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men and tonight–Football!

In the next blog the path to “Hidden Truths” will be discussed and an attempt will be made to establish trailheads which begin one’s process of self discovery.


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