Exercises to Wake Up.

How We Become Robots.

This first exercise shows how we fall asleep and become robots. Stick your hand out in front of you as in the illustration. Now, turn it over. You will notice that your hand and fingers retain the same cupped shape. This is a learned response. A baby’s hand and fingers won’t do this; their fingers will straighten out.

picture of hand palm up.

As we grow and learn to live in our world, we survive by shaping ourselves through habit. An old Chinese aphorism (terse statement of truth) says it best: “Habits are cobwebs at first, chains at last.” These chains run deep into sight, hearing, and all the senses so that as we reach majority we repeat the same day after day, essentially becoming a robot. This is being asleep.

In this second exercise you can gain an understanding of being asleep. It’s very simple. Today, every time you walk through a doorway, say your front door, or the bathroom door, stop and take notice of where you are. Stop in the doorway for just an instant. Easiest thing in the world, you say. I’ll do it every time today in a second. If you attempt this you’ll discover somewhere around 4th time you go through a doorway you have forgotten to stop. There is a trick here. Remember, entering a room means going through a doorway twice. You’ll eventually leave the room. Here, you’ll stop and notice the doorway. Sometime today you’ll stop outside a doorway and realize something.

The third exercise in comparison to the two above will be more difficult for some. The next time you are in the mall, or a busy store, or you could do this outside anywhere though it works a lot better around a group of people who don’t know you—here’s what you do: Stand up, stick up your hand as if motioning to someone, then call out your name. “Hey (your name) come back!” If you’re in a place where no one knows you, no one will care one bit. How to they know you’re not just calling a friend? You may discover a new flavor of experience by doing this. You may get a taste of what is “waking up”.

In the next blog we discuss what is a device and how to use a device to awaken.



One thought on “Exercises to Wake Up.

  1. Awesome blog! The metaphor of sleeping/unawakened human behavior as being robotic seems a bit simplistic/mechanical. Doesn’t seem to address the unique level of consciousness out of which each human being relates to the habitual, repetitive, mundane in their own lives and the lives of the rest of Human – ity.


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