What is Waking Up?

Examples to understand what is “waking up”.

First, you are driving home from school or work or visiting and your mind is racing around thinking about what you’re going to do on the weekend. Your hood goes streaking bye and you turn down your street and park in front of your crib then all of a sudden you think “How did I get here?” The last 20 minutes of driving has been on auto-pilot. You can’t remember anything about the trip, driving the car, or in fact how you got home. It’s all a blank. This is sleeping. This is a comparison. “Waking up” is analogous to this, meaning there is a higher state of awake-ness above your normal state.

The Fog of Normal Life

Here’s another example that personally happened to this author. For quite a few years I lived in Santa Barbara. One spring day the sun was shining, the day was warm, but the beach was socked in with fog. The sand kind of crunched under my feet as I walked through the thick fog. Suddenly the fog parted and I was in the middle of a bright stretch of sand. As I walked into the sun light, on the other side of the opening a beautiful girl walked out of the fog. Silently we walked toward each other, clasp hands and twirled around a few times and then each of us walked in the direction we were going back into the fog.

Stack Moments

“Waking up,” is stacking similar moments like these until you appreciate the normal life you’re leading is particularly foggy and that there is a reality outside of you that is in a complete state of fecundating. “Fecundating” means to make fruitful or prolific. In other words, the universe or God is self-replicating, alive and always creating itself anew. One comes to understand that everything around them is in motion. Protons and electrons rotate around neutrons. The planets rotate around the sun. The solar system is moving in the galaxy. Sunlight shines. Heart’s beat. Blood pulses. Everything is alive. It is only when we’re sleeping, when we’re not awake, that we’re bored, view life as stagnant, or get so caught up in ourselves we can’t see the forest is made of living trees. That is, that we live in a fecundating universe.

“Waking up,” is breaking out of habits and routines and opening to new impressions. Several simple exercises to wake up will be explained in the next blog.



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