The 11th Discipline of Hearing Good News.

The Eleventh Discipline

The point of this blog in the last two weeks has been to examine the idea put forth by Neville Goddard that the New Testament is a manual of higher consciousness constructed around a figurative approach. That is to say, not only is Jesus the Son of God, but once the imagination of man is disciplined then Heaven is found on earth. Here, the 12 disciples are considered disciplines of the mind. In this blog we’ve been looking at the etymology of the names of the Disciples. We have been looking at the history of words, their origins, their form and meanings.

The Good News

Some people understand the “Gospel” as the Good News. Others see the word as God’s spell. Perhaps the basic idea is found with the phrase “In the beginning was the word.” And this is resolved with the concept presented with all of the 12 disciplines, or disciples, that most people repeat what they hear and then what they say becomes their reality.  

Simon of Canaan

The eleventh quality called is Simon of Canaan. Neville Goddard says, “A good key phrase for this disciple is “Hearing good news”. Simon of Canaan, or Simon from the land of milk and honey, when called to discipleship, is proof that the one who calls this faculty into being has become conscious of the abundant life. He can say with the Psalmist David, “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies; thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over” [Psalm 23:5]. This disciplined aspect of the mind is incapable of hearing anything other than good news and so is well qualified to preach the Gospel or Good-spell.”

Judge Not Lest Yea Be Judged

A major focus of the New Testament is not to judge. This is a difficult discipline to develop. Upon hearing of a terrorist act, children dying, one wants to weep and gnash the teeth, and swear revenge. To say this or that misfortune is good seems impossible, but do we know God’s plan? Who are we to judge good or evil? . . . especially when personal misfortune happens.

Have faith that all is well. You change your reality when what you hear is good news because your outside reality mirrors the reality you think and speak. When you hear all the news as “good news,” then you promote the good.

In the next blog we consider Judas and the discipline of dying to the old and being reborn enlightened.


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