The 10th Discipline: Thaddeus

Oh Jude, take a sad song and make it better. . . Beatles.

Compliments will get you everywhere.

Recently I was in the market getting some grub for dinner and the service attendant with whom I interact quite often, remarked “You’re looking worn out.” Maybe so, but the thing was I was feeling just fine until he said I looked worn out. Immediately I felt worn out. Later, I wondered if he’d said I “looked great!” if I wouldn’t have looked and felt better. Being able to praise in a truthful manner is a wonderful discipline. No one has to lie, because there is always something nice or special about each person. And they’d much rather hear that than how bad they are or look no matter if it’s the truth or not.

From the Heart

Thaddeus (Greek Θαδδαῖος, Thaddaios, from Aramaic תדי, Taddai / Aday) is a male given name. It means a heart, or courageous heart. (Wikipedia). Another name for Thaddeus is Jude the Apostle, Lebbaeus. On the website Leb is defined as the inner part of man, his will, heart, and understanding. Click here.  

Praise from the Heart

Neville Goddard says Thaddeus, the tenth disciple is praise. This is praise that comes from the heart. When it is awake within man, he walks with the words, “Thank you, Father”, ever on his lips. He knows that his thanks for things not seen opens the windows of heaven and permits gifts beyond his capacity to receive to be poured upon him.

You Create Your World

You create the world around you by what you do and what you say. When you appreciate your world it comes back to you a thousand fold.

“Praise the Lord all people, for the truth of the Lord is everlasting.”


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