James, the 9th Discipline of Jesus

When one looks carefully around them they discover a world by design. Unless we live in the wilderness, every object around us was first an idea in the mind of someone else before us. As we gain higher consciousness we discover we are in fact much more than a reflection of our environment and that we may create our reality out of our desires, but as children of God we follow before we create. This is illustrated by Jacob being born holding the heel of his brother Esau.

The name James came into the English language from the Old French variation James of the late Latin name Iacomus The name comes from the Hebrew root עקב ʿqb meaning “to follow, to be behind” but also “to supplant, circumvent, assail, overreach”, from the word for “heel”, עֲקֵב ʿaqeb). In the narrative of Genesis, it refers to the circumstances of Jacob’s birth when he held on to the heel of his older twin brother Esau (Genesis 25:26). (Wikipedia)

The discipline of James has the quality of discernment. When we discern the property of design in our environment, we also understand the “I am,” concept within each person. This quality is unique to everyone, “I am” a brother. “I am,” a mother. “I am” a doctor, lawyer, Indian chief. Each person is a reflection of their exterior designed environment, but also an individual maturing soul learning how they can supplant, circumvent, and overreach what has come before.  

So with discernment at first we follow, then through empathy and understanding we move into change. This change begins with the belief that you are unique, that you have something to offer, and that you’re a creator. Follow first, then create.  

You create your reality.


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