The Sixth Discipline of Jesus

The Birth of Higher Consciousness

Recently we’ve been working on the idea that the New Testament is a book about how to reach higher consciousness in that it can be understood figuratively as well as literally. Thus the twelve disciples of Jesus are taken as twelve disciplines of an enlightened mind. The sixth disciple is called Bartholomew, and sometimes Nathaniel. The name Bartholomew is a combination of Bart and Ptolomy. Both mean son. Nathaniel is a male name and surname. It comes from the Hebrew name נְתַנְאֵל/Netan’el meaning “Given of God”] (from the Hebrew words nathan “Gave” + el “of God”). (Wikipedia)

Disciplined Imagination 

Previously in this blog the discussion centered around the enlightened mind being disciplined imagination. That is, the ability to create out of your mind Thus Bartholomew (or Nathaniel) represents the son of imagination or the birth of the idea that one can create their own reality.

A Beacon of Light

According to Neville Goddard, Bartholomew is the quality of the mind when once awake distinguishes a person from those around them. An awakened imagination places the one so awakened head and shoulders above the average man, giving him the appearance of a beacon light in a world of darkness.

New Ability 

The purpose of Wisdomgame® is to Educate, Enlighten and Entertain. The question here is how to develop your imagination? What we’ve discovered is that people actually learn very fast. Okay, now imagine a new car out in front. Imagine$100,000, a red hat, a black barn, a big barking cat, a mansion on a hill, 1000 red dots, the moon inside the sun, an explosion of thousands of different colored stars. Imagine you having the ability to create whatever you want.

Using and stretching your imagination births a new ability within.


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