Feed Yourself with I Am.

Three Types of Food

As people we normally require three types of food, the physical nourishment of what we eat, the oxygen we breathe, and the sense impression we take in. Food feeds the body, air feeds the emotions, and sense impressions feed the mind. There is another food that feeds the spirit.

You Are What You Eat

The old saying is “You are what you eat.” What’s important is to eat fresh food, and you can do this by considering how many times your food has been processed. For instance, some French fries are chopped, ground and pressed, cooked, frozen and deep fried whereas a boiled potato only has one process. Air should also be fresh. For your mind to be active and alive you need to see new things, touch new things, smell new fragrances and so on.

You Live By I Am

What’s really important is to be conscious what you’re doing. For instance when you eat, say “I am eating,” or breathe say “I am breathing,” or experience say “I am taking in new impressions.” Why? Because at that moment, by being more conscious of what you’re doing, you add energy to your system.

The quality of knowing you are alive and awake and aware of what you’re doing is your feeling of “I am.” You develop your eternal soul when you are conscious of yourself as an eternal soul.

You feed yourself when you say I am that I am.”


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