The Miraculous

Will Science Know Everything?

Recently I was listening to a fellow talk about Tesla, Westinghouse and Edison and the battle in the 1920’s over which means of conducting electrical energy would be used—would it be alternating current or direct current. From there he went on to promote the idea that since the Hubble telescope is recording images of distant galaxies, science will know everything about our existence.

“What about the mysterious?” I asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t you wonder how did it all come about?”

“They know that. It all started in the big bang.”

The Root of the Problem

By thinking about this conversation I came to the root of the problem. Now, as city dwellers, when we look up at the stars we only see reflected light. Let me ask this of you. If you look at the sky tonight will you see the Milky Way? Have you ever seen the sky filled with millions upon millions of stars so deep at all levels of your visual ability that it produces awe. The infinity of the cosmos used to be right above us for anyone to see.  We’ve lost something dear, but really, it can be regained just by realizing how life is full of wonder, how wonder-full it is.

Two Becomes Three or More

Isn’t communication miraculous? We compress air in our lungs and create vibrations that others take in, modulate in their nervous system, and form images in their minds that match our meaning. And then there is love with extends our boundaries and one becomes two. Then the miracle of a baby and two becomes three.

Awe, reverie, wonder are the basis of an enlightenment and this happens when one understands that life itself is miraculous, that the very universe we live in is deep, wondrous, and full of mystery.

The Religious Life.

My feeling is that a belief in the mysterious is the beginning of a religious life.

You Matter!


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