Why did He have to die?

A Good DVD

I just watched a recent DVD about the life of Christ.

dvd son of God

I thought it was well done. After watching the crucifixion and in fact whenever I read the New Testament, this brings tears to my eyes and I wonder “Why did He have to die?”

Is the New Testament Figurative? 

Lately in this blog and in others I’ve been writing about Neville Goddard and his assertion that the New Testament is figurative. That is, that the people and events represent ideas and concepts which are metaphoric. They lead to enlightenment when understood. He says Jesus represents your ability to imagine and the truth that sets you free is that you create your life through that.

Now, I’m not a professional meta-physician.

photo of space ship enterprise I’m more like Dr. McCoy on the Enterprise who used to tell Spock and Kirk that he was just an old fashion “saw-bones.” I believe like Socrates, who won over the sophists by asking questions. So okay, if as was pointed out a few blogs back, Jesus represents or is figuratively imagination, then why does He die at the end. What’s with that? Why does your imagination have to die?

This is quite subtle and one of the reasons a lot of people aren’t successful with the law of attraction. The Law is you imagine a change, a thing, this or that, then you give it to the universe, the Force, or if you will, God, to work out. You let it go. You release it. You die to it.


Mysterious isn’t it. Yet, you don’t have to know how an automatic transmission works to drive a car. You get in and turn the key.

It works. Perhaps it is best explained by the old phrase, “Let go and let God.”


a clown

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