Simon Says

In this blog we’ve been talking about the New Testament as a literal and figurative book to higher consciousness and we’ve been using Neville Godard’s idea that the 12 disciples of Christ are actually 12 disciplines of the mind.

Now, since as you will notice the name of this blog is Wisdomgame, we’re especially concerned about games. A game a lot of people play as kids is “Simon Says.” You may remember it goes like this. One kid or a teacher gets up in front of the group and says “Simon says raise your hands.” Everyone raises their hands. Then the leader says, “Simon says, jump.” Everyone jumps. “Simon says stick out your tongue. “ Everyone follows along then the leader says, “Jump again!” One or two kids jump. They’re out. This goes on. Sometimes the leader says, “Limon says bow.” Or “Slyman says touch toes” Or, they just command “Turn around!” Of course, the idea is you don’t do it unless Simon says do it.  Otherwise, sit on the side lines.

This game develops hearing discernment. It’s always a lot of fun for the leader to see who they can trick, and really the game is between the leader and the best listener. A new game will start with the winner leading the other kids.

Goddard points out that the first disciple of Christ was Simon and the name “Simon” represents hearing. If you want to awaken you need to be aware. The words you have heard in the past and the words you allow to enter you now become the stories you tell about the future. These stories are and become your reality. Chains of violence based on “no,” and “no you can’t” from your parents become the stories you tell of  “I can’t,” and “I won’t”. These stories make you sit on the sidelines of life. Advertisers know all this. The government knows this. You can stop being gamed when you become aware of what you’re hearing.

Make a contribution or follow along with this blog. Wait. Wait. Wait! What am I saying? Simon says “First, no matter what you do, listen to your heart.”

In the next blog we consider self-talk and how you can tell stories of change for the better.

You are an important person. Black lives matter. White lives matter. Yellow and Brown lives matter. If you’re beige, I don’t know what to say. . . except you count too.

You Matter!


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