The 13th Disciple

Who was the 13th disciple?

In this Blog we are continuing the discussion concerning Neville Goddard’s writing in which he poses that in the New Testament Jesus represents imagination. He is not saying that Jesus literally was an imaginary person. He says that the New Testament is a manual for higher consciousness and the Son of God is man’s imagination. In the last blog, I delineated the 12 disciples of Christ as being disciplines of the mind which develop imagination. Who was and what is the 13th discipline?

The disciplined Imagination

as opposed to dreaming, wistfulness or day-dreaming, stands alone in a similar way as Jesus was above his disciples. We can use numerology to understand this. We all have bodies. This is the number 1. We all have emotions. This is the number 2. We have intellects or minds, number 3.  The person who is a complete, balanced man, like Jesus, could be called a number 4 man. After crucifixion he is a risen man which might be called a number 5 man.  By addition he is also the perfect man, the Son of God, because 1+2+3+4 = 10.  Ten is the number of God. The number 13 is the number 1 and 3 which by the addition of 1+3= 4.

So the 13th disciple is Jesus himself.

Are you confused? Please watch the video below to develop a better understanding of numerology.

Not into numbers. In the next blog we play the childhood game, Simon Says. You remember how to play. Right now, Simon says click on the logo below. logo

Click here to Understand the 4th level man.




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