Imagination in the New Testament


A Manual for High Consciousness

The word ‘sin’ means to miss the mark, but what’s the ‘mark’? One way of interpreting it is that to miss the mark is not to become in life all you could be. Previously in this blog I mentioned that the New Testament is a manual for higher consciousness. If that’s so and since it says that by believing in Jesus Christ our sins will be forgiven, then by believing in Jesus we become in life all we can be. We don’t sin, that is, miss the mark.

Jesus the light of Consciousness

If you read my previous blogs I write about a mystic, Neville. He poses a really fantastic way of looking at the New Testament. It’s a book to raise our consciousness and actually Jesus represents your imagination. He’s not saying Jesus didn’t exist. In fact, he’s a devout believer. He’s taking a figurative interpretation not a literal one. He points out it is through imagination we hit the mark. In Awakened Imagination and the Search, he says

. . . what better way is there to understand Christ Jesus than to identify the central character of the Gospels with human imagination – knowing that, every time you exercise your imagination lovingly on behalf of another, you are literally mediating God to man and thereby feeding and clothing Christ Jesus and that, whenever you imagine evil against another, you are literally beating and crucifying Christ Jesus?”

Click HERE to read, for free, his whole book.

Making Aim Real Hits the Mark

To me, this is very enlightening. When one imagines their aim, when they sit in contemplation or meditation and feel how they will feel when they have accomplished their aim, then they hit the mark of their lives. Through imagination, they remove sin. Using the feelings of your desires is using the Law of the universe to complete your aim. You hit the mark.

Neville Goes on to Say

“Only by identifying ourselves with our aim can we forgive ourselves for having missed it. All else is labor in vain. On this path, to whatever place or state we convey our imagination, to that place or state we will gravitate physically also.”

“In my Father’s house are many mansions.”

You matter!


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