The Algorithms of Your Life


Your Algorithmic Surfboard

I was talking to my friend Pete last night and we were talking about algorithms. You know, how when you’re surfing the net and for some reason an ad comes up exactly meeting the need you were  searching for a couple of days ago. That’s a program that follows what you been doing and links to an advertising program. It’s all behind the scenes in the zeros and ones that fly around in the digital world surrounding your computer’s address. Nothing to worry about. The thought police are only indirectly connected to the merchant class.

Google and Facebook: Your Handlers.

Then again who really decides what you watch? Google and Facebook send you news according to what you have watched in the past. Not surprising, but some people are actually shocked to learn that their feeds are manipulated at all. We’re all manipulated in some way or the other. Face it. This the way our lives are. When you understand this you can get on top of it, and it’s nothing to worry about because we all rely on habit and routine. Wouldn’t we go crazy if everything was new all the time?

We All Need Newness.

Probably, but we also need new impressions all the time. New stuff “feeds” us. So to keep your life feeds, your algorithms, more alive, look at new places, do new things, bringing new friends into your life.


File:AdditionRules.svgAlgorithm by Ezra Katz (Wikipedia Commons)

Now is the same now it was yesterday and will be tomorrow, so you can start now and get logging your a-log-rhythms by making a comment below.


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