Are We Human?

What does it mean to be human?


Animals may be domesticated, trained, and sometimes you’ll entrain with a wild animal. For instance, once I camped in Joshua Tree National Forest and hiked up a river bed. A lizard followed along with me for about a quarter-mile. My friend, Vitamin Lee, said the same thing happened to him in Desolation Wilderness as a deer followed him. But as humans we consider. We believe we are conscious whereas animals don’t reflect on themselves, or reason, what we call thinking. But the real difference between animals and men is that humans feel for others. We can put ourselves in the place of another and understand and empathize with their pain.

Can you empathize with this:

Some facts to consider.

  • Over 2000 innocent women and children were killed in Palestine in the last conflict.
  • Each day in the USA 22 veterans commit suicide.
  • Right now 1.2 million kids are homeless in the United States.

Are you Human?

What does it mean to be human? What’s it like to sit waiting for a bomb to blow you up and not even know why? What’s it like to serve your country and be so down you kill yourself? What’s it like to be a kid living in your car or a shelter or on the street when the weather is freezing?


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