Your Life is Music

Your Life is Music

If you could determine the most important facility to develop what would it be? Would you play music? Sing? Would you investigate sports, or enterprise, or social relations?

What is the most valuable skill

And can you can develop it?

Have you ever thought that you could develop skill in directing your thoughts? You can! When you work a little on this skill then you will be able to do just about whatever comes to mind. Then you will be adept at quickly evaluating all situations and quickly coming to the conclusion of what you want most—then giving your individual attention to that.

Not everyone, but if you look closely, a lot of people are burdened under the weight of indecision. They just can’t make up their minds. There is tremendous skill in directing your own thoughts that will yield results that cannot be compared with results that mere day to day action can provide.

 The Recommended Direction

Look for reasons to feel good. Identify what you want and hold your thoughts in a place that feels good. Intend to feel good no matter what. Sure there will be sometimes you’re not feeling well. That can’t be helped. But if you direct your thoughts toward what feels good and you keep doing this, then you build skill. Once you have developed skill in directing your thoughts then this is like playing an instrument. At first, it takes some practice. When it comes naturally then you are the instrument.


Your Life is Music

What you do becomes your music. You have tuned yourself. You love life and the tunes you play are very beautiful.  


An iphone makes music so everyone dances.

Start dancing right now and if your friends don’t dance, then turn up the music and get them dancing.










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