Trees give us life. We need to love them.

I love trees.


People need to feel real.


Doing work that matters makes us feel more real. If a job doesn’t allows you to feel like you’re providing a fair and honest service or product, then you won’t feel real. Creativity and growth make us feel real. Whenever we learn something new, try something new, or create something new, we feel more real. To begin to feel more real ask these questions of yourself because it is by questioning we learn about ourselves.

Ask yourself

  • “Am I using my time wisely to learn something new or am I wasting it by repeating actions that don’t make me happy?”


Close relationships make us feel more real. Close, safe relationships make us feel happy and secure. We need to be honest with ourselves and our feelings. Teaching, nurturing and caring for others makes us feel more real. Relationships, work, creative activities, and giving to others – these are all processes. They are ways of being, and they keep us real.

In Starbucks yesterday I noticed the coffee shop completely filled with people, yet only two people were talking to each other. You can also ask this question of yourself.

  • “Am I spending my life in front of a screen instead of gaining energy talking and interacting with other people?”


Really, life doesn’t require a mathematical or problematic solution. It’s what happens to us when we develop our talents and get in relationships doing meaningful work with others.

  • Ask “What work feels meaningful to me?”

A real life is a constantly evolving process not a never-ending series of achievements and purchases to create happiness. Happiness comes through doing. It’s a process. It requires patience. Find out more click logo:

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click on wisdomgame







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