The 12 Disciplines of Christ

We have been discussing the difference between literal and figurative interpretations of the Bible and in the previous blog we talked about the New Testament being a manual of higher consciousness wherein Jesus represented imagination. A person of higher consciousness realizes that through their imagination they create Heaven on their Earth. Who then were the disciples?

You Imagine Your Life Into Reality

Neville Goddard says the disciples actually represent disciplines of the mind. When enacted, they produce an imaginative consciousness which is the Son of God. That is, they produce the creative consciousness which imagines life into reality. In Your Faith is Your Fortune, he relates that

The 12 Disciples are Disciplines of the Mind

  • The first quality to be called and disciplined is Simon, or the attribute of hearing.
  • The second quality to be called to discipleship is Andrew, or courage.
  • The third discipline is that of being just, or James the righteous judge, and his brother
  • John, being beloved as the fourth discipline. Justice to be wise must be administered with love.
  • The fifth quality called to discipleship is Philip. This one asked to be shown the Father. The awakened man knows that the Father is the state of consciousness in which man dwells, and that this state or Father can be seen only as it is expressed.
  • The sixth disciple is called Bartholomew. This quality is the imaginative faculty, which is the quality of the mind when one is awake.
  • The seventh is called Thomas. This disciplined quality doubts or denies every rumor and suggestion that are not in harmony with that which Simon Peter has been commanded to let enter.
  • Matthew, the eighth, is the gift of God. This quality of the mind reveals mans’ desires as gifts of God.
  • The ninth disciple is called James, son of Alphaeus. This is the quality of discernment. A clear and ordered mind is the voice which calls this disciple into being.
  • Thaddaeus, the tenth, is the disciple of praise. When this quality of praise and thanksgiving is awake within man, he walks with the words, “Thank you, Father”.
  • The eleventh quality is called Simon of Canaan. A good key phrase for this disciple is “Hearing good news the one who calls this faculty into being has become conscious of the abundant life.”
  • The twelfth and last of the disciplined qualities of the mind is called Judas. When this quality is awake, man knows that he must die to that which he is– before he can become that which he desires to be.


Click Here to read the full text of Neville’s writing titled “Your Faith is Your Fortune.”

 The question for our next blog is “Who was the thirteenth disciple, and what quality did he engender? And what does that have to do with the number 5?”

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Imagination in the New Testament


A Manual for High Consciousness

The word ‘sin’ means to miss the mark, but what’s the ‘mark’? One way of interpreting it is that to miss the mark is not to become in life all you could be. Previously in this blog I mentioned that the New Testament is a manual for higher consciousness. If that’s so and since it says that by believing in Jesus Christ our sins will be forgiven, then by believing in Jesus we become in life all we can be. We don’t sin, that is, miss the mark.

Jesus the light of Consciousness

If you read my previous blogs I write about a mystic, Neville. He poses a really fantastic way of looking at the New Testament. It’s a book to raise our consciousness and actually Jesus represents your imagination. He’s not saying Jesus didn’t exist. In fact, he’s a devout believer. He’s taking a figurative interpretation not a literal one. He points out it is through imagination we hit the mark. In Awakened Imagination and the Search, he says

. . . what better way is there to understand Christ Jesus than to identify the central character of the Gospels with human imagination – knowing that, every time you exercise your imagination lovingly on behalf of another, you are literally mediating God to man and thereby feeding and clothing Christ Jesus and that, whenever you imagine evil against another, you are literally beating and crucifying Christ Jesus?”

Click HERE to read, for free, his whole book.

Making Aim Real Hits the Mark

To me, this is very enlightening. When one imagines their aim, when they sit in contemplation or meditation and feel how they will feel when they have accomplished their aim, then they hit the mark of their lives. Through imagination, they remove sin. Using the feelings of your desires is using the Law of the universe to complete your aim. You hit the mark.

Neville Goes on to Say

“Only by identifying ourselves with our aim can we forgive ourselves for having missed it. All else is labor in vain. On this path, to whatever place or state we convey our imagination, to that place or state we will gravitate physically also.”

“In my Father’s house are many mansions.”

You matter!

Laughing at Change

Walking Up Laughing

In the morning I go out to have a cup of coffee. I do this because I write at home in my office. I’ve got coffee, but getting out gets me going and when I come home it’s like I’m going to work. Anyway, this morning I went to Burger King. What? Well, actually I like it because it’s quiet and I can read for a few minutes and then come home and work. However, this morning as they are remodeling all the wall paper and pictures and advertisements were ripped off the walls. The stripped down walls were in preparation for a remodel. I broke out laughing.

coffee cup

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I Like It!

“I like it!” I laughed. I wasn’t being cynical. It tickled my funny bone, as if the designer had purposefully used minimal art. It felt like someone insincere comes to your home and says, “I really like what you’ve done with the place.” But actually, I did like it. It made me laugh.


Laughter is one way to react to change. It may really be the only way. Change happens. There’s nothing you can do about it, except laugh. Right?

Wrong? You can make it happen. That’s what Wisdomgame is about. Face facts. Almost everyone is asleep, going about their business in kind of a dream of life. They may wake up momentarily and look back. “Was I dreaming? Did I go to school? What did it mean to work so long at my job? Where am I? Who am I?”

The more you understand yourself the closer you are to waking up. Sometimes when you wake up, you wake up laughing.


coffee cup

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 Thanks, Steve



You matter! And you can have more life by meditating and visualizing what your life would be like if that were the case. You do this through feelings. What does your ideal life feel like? What does abundance feel like? What does the interior of a new BMW smell like? How do you feel when you’re inside that new car? How does it sound when you start it up?

If you can replicate the life you want in your imagination, you can have it in reality. To mystics this is the law. Neville Goddard was a mystic author and lecturer in the 1930s and 40s. In his book “Out of This World” he says:

” . . .  if you know that consciousness is the one and only reality, you will remain faithful to your vision, and by this sustained mental attitude confirm your gift of reality, and prove that you have the power to give reality to your desires that they may become visible concrete facts. Define your ideal and concentrate your attention upon the idea of identifying yourself with your ideal. Assume the feeling of being it, the feeling that would be yours were you already the embodiment of your ideal. Then live and act upon this conviction.”

picture of man Neville Goddard

Mystic Neville Goddard

You can read this book for free by clicking on Neville’s photo.

Imagination linked to feeling is the Key

If you can imagine the feelings you’ll have when your life changes then you cause the world around you to change. The more sustainable and concentrated those feeling, the sooner the changes arrive. This is a cosmic law.

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In her book “The Art of Non Fiction” Ayn Rand says:

“No beginner should write without an outline. An outline is a plan of mental action. All human action requires a plan – an abstract projection.  People tend to be aware of this in the physical realm. But because they believe that writing is an innate talent, they think it does not required an objective plan. They think writing is inspirational. Yet trying to write without an outline is even more difficult than attempting some physical action without a plan. In good fiction, the climax – which you must know in advance – determines what events you need in order to bring the story to that point.”


Well really you can’t. But without a plan you get stuck in the doldrums with no wind in your sails. So what you  need is to look forward to the end result. Then work backward. What is the next to the final step before you deposit the gold that just arrived from the your sailboat? Work backwards from what you desire and the steps will appear. If you consistently concentrate, those steps will become evident until you reach your now. When you discover the chain of links then start working on the first one. Overcome each barrier so you reach the next and the next steps. When all the barriers are dissolved you achieve your end.


This means the end comes before the start. Seems backwards, but it works. Give it a try. Right now you can take a real step forward. Click on our logo:

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Click to find out more about Wisdomgame


The Algorithms of Your Life


Your Algorithmic Surfboard

I was talking to my friend Pete last night and we were talking about algorithms. You know, how when you’re surfing the net and for some reason an ad comes up exactly meeting the need you were  searching for a couple of days ago. That’s a program that follows what you been doing and links to an advertising program. It’s all behind the scenes in the zeros and ones that fly around in the digital world surrounding your computer’s address. Nothing to worry about. The thought police are only indirectly connected to the merchant class.

Google and Facebook: Your Handlers.

Then again who really decides what you watch? Google and Facebook send you news according to what you have watched in the past. Not surprising, but some people are actually shocked to learn that their feeds are manipulated at all. We’re all manipulated in some way or the other. Face it. This the way our lives are. When you understand this you can get on top of it, and it’s nothing to worry about because we all rely on habit and routine. Wouldn’t we go crazy if everything was new all the time?

We All Need Newness.

Probably, but we also need new impressions all the time. New stuff “feeds” us. So to keep your life feeds, your algorithms, more alive, look at new places, do new things, bringing new friends into your life.


File:AdditionRules.svgAlgorithm by Ezra Katz (Wikipedia Commons)

Now is the same now it was yesterday and will be tomorrow, so you can start now and get logging your a-log-rhythms by making a comment below.

Are We Human?

What does it mean to be human?


Animals may be domesticated, trained, and sometimes you’ll entrain with a wild animal. For instance, once I camped in Joshua Tree National Forest and hiked up a river bed. A lizard followed along with me for about a quarter-mile. My friend, Vitamin Lee, said the same thing happened to him in Desolation Wilderness as a deer followed him. But as humans we consider. We believe we are conscious whereas animals don’t reflect on themselves, or reason, what we call thinking. But the real difference between animals and men is that humans feel for others. We can put ourselves in the place of another and understand and empathize with their pain.

Can you empathize with this:

Some facts to consider.

  • Over 2000 innocent women and children were killed in Palestine in the last conflict.
  • Each day in the USA 22 veterans commit suicide.
  • Right now 1.2 million kids are homeless in the United States.

Are you Human?

What does it mean to be human? What’s it like to sit waiting for a bomb to blow you up and not even know why? What’s it like to serve your country and be so down you kill yourself? What’s it like to be a kid living in your car or a shelter or on the street when the weather is freezing?


picture of dollar sign.

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Life is a puzzle, a very interesting puzzle. You can find the answer in WISDOMGAME®


to be occupied with that puzzle, to try to understand it, to solve it. Life is so interesting that there is no sport or game that can be compared with it. Much like the popular sitcom, The Seinfeld show, it’s simply about living but it is a bewilderment, because of the difference between the way everybody looks at life and how it is in reality.

After a while . . .

a person says, “Wither they are all mad, or I am mad; but someone must be mad!”

Don’t get even–fall in love with everyone!

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Your Life is Music

Your Life is Music

If you could determine the most important facility to develop what would it be? Would you play music? Sing? Would you investigate sports, or enterprise, or social relations?

What is the most valuable skill

And can you can develop it?

Have you ever thought that you could develop skill in directing your thoughts? You can! When you work a little on this skill then you will be able to do just about whatever comes to mind. Then you will be adept at quickly evaluating all situations and quickly coming to the conclusion of what you want most—then giving your individual attention to that.

Not everyone, but if you look closely, a lot of people are burdened under the weight of indecision. They just can’t make up their minds. There is tremendous skill in directing your own thoughts that will yield results that cannot be compared with results that mere day to day action can provide.

 The Recommended Direction

Look for reasons to feel good. Identify what you want and hold your thoughts in a place that feels good. Intend to feel good no matter what. Sure there will be sometimes you’re not feeling well. That can’t be helped. But if you direct your thoughts toward what feels good and you keep doing this, then you build skill. Once you have developed skill in directing your thoughts then this is like playing an instrument. At first, it takes some practice. When it comes naturally then you are the instrument.


Your Life is Music

What you do becomes your music. You have tuned yourself. You love life and the tunes you play are very beautiful.  


An iphone makes music so everyone dances.

Start dancing right now and if your friends don’t dance, then turn up the music and get them dancing.











Trees give us life. We need to love them.

I love trees.


People need to feel real.


Doing work that matters makes us feel more real. If a job doesn’t allows you to feel like you’re providing a fair and honest service or product, then you won’t feel real. Creativity and growth make us feel real. Whenever we learn something new, try something new, or create something new, we feel more real. To begin to feel more real ask these questions of yourself because it is by questioning we learn about ourselves.

Ask yourself

  • “Am I using my time wisely to learn something new or am I wasting it by repeating actions that don’t make me happy?”


Close relationships make us feel more real. Close, safe relationships make us feel happy and secure. We need to be honest with ourselves and our feelings. Teaching, nurturing and caring for others makes us feel more real. Relationships, work, creative activities, and giving to others – these are all processes. They are ways of being, and they keep us real.

In Starbucks yesterday I noticed the coffee shop completely filled with people, yet only two people were talking to each other. You can also ask this question of yourself.

  • “Am I spending my life in front of a screen instead of gaining energy talking and interacting with other people?”


Really, life doesn’t require a mathematical or problematic solution. It’s what happens to us when we develop our talents and get in relationships doing meaningful work with others.

  • Ask “What work feels meaningful to me?”

A real life is a constantly evolving process not a never-ending series of achievements and purchases to create happiness. Happiness comes through doing. It’s a process. It requires patience. Find out more click logo:

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