The Sweating Joker Poems

You have to read these poems.

Please buy this book now. Click on Joker.

 Profound critic, Dr. Stephen P. Means, says:

“This is a very funny book. After presenting these poems in Santa Barbara, people had tears in their eyes. Some cried, some laughed. Some wanted to take me out to the railroad tracks and tar and feather me. One person had a religious experience. Watch! When I performed “The Jackal” I scared the living bejesus out of a young man and he had to be excused. You’ll howl like Ginsberg or rant like the Dickens. In my opinion you’ve never seen a book of poetry so profound, so sweet and in fact there is a poem “If I could call a cloud,” I especially wrote for anyone who wants to impress their lover. If you buy my book you have my permission to use this poem, but be aware! After you read it to your lover, I’m not responsible for your sex. Please, for my sake, cherish these poems. They are life changing. Why “Ding Dong Daddy” alone is worth the price of the book. More!You get introspection, comedy, and total delicious fun in this collector’s treasure of original one of a kind poetry. For instance, “Peanut Butter Day,” cracked up a round, I mean renowned critic and he bought fifty copies of the poem. Why? He said something about a mess in his department and how he need some humorous script if anyone was ever going to get clean to bottom of the hubris in the W.C. they call his University.

Well you can imagine the hubris I developed when “The Sweating Joker Poems” won the Noble
prize. Just kidding, but I was named poet lariat for Santa Barbara when I roped in a couple of heifers at Earl Warren Showgrounds with just this simple rhyme: “That! . . . Why that is just too fat. Seriously, I can only tell you how great “The Sweating Joker” really is if I get you salivating to have this book by reminding you of an aphorism:

“You never regret what you do. You only regret what you don’t do.”

In the future, in the years to come, just flash back to right now. You had the chance to enlighten yourself, to begin again to enjoy reading, to open a doorway to  new, funny, and in fact, titillating funny bone funny extravaganza.
I went to the dentist last week, so I can verify I’m not just whistling through my teeth, and I’m not whistling Dixie; I am a serious poet who has examined what is funny and what is not funny. Not! I mean I’m not serious when I say, and you can quote me: “This book will knock Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus out of first place and soon I’ll be dancing up on stage in my underwear like a sweating joker.”
That might not be so funny, but damn I would love it. And you’re going to love this book of poetry. You want to have some fun reading? Then go ahead and buy the book. I give you my personal guarantee that it is a collector’s item, that you will enjoy reading it, and that it’s worth every cent. Guaranteed!” Buy now. Click here.



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