The Chariot that bears a human soul.

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There is no Frigate Like a Book

There is no frigate like abook

To take us lands away,

Nor any courses like a page

Of prancing poetry.

This traverse may the poorest take

Without oppress of toll;

How frugal is the chariot

That bears a human soul!

Emily Dickinson


How We Attract Attention and Learn

To capture my attention tell me your secrets.
Argument is intercourse

Here are the principles of human learning. People communicated by grabbing the attention of others. When we were children our parents caught our attention and trained us to think as they had been trained, as they had also learned from their parents and teachers. Using this process, as we mature we are indoctrinated to believe as our society, fellows, and peers also believe. The basis of our learning is hooking attention and it is followed by repetition.

We remember because we actually grow neural networks in our brains which are pathways for energy. Repeated use of these pathways builds them and facilitates more psychic and physical development. Every thought brings into action certain physical tissue, parts of the brain, nerve and muscle. By these actions done over and over, we are conditioned to believe the world is a certain way and that we are destined to behave in that world in a certain way. The attention is stimulated and we learn by having instructions repeated and by repeating them until they become us.

The world is a phantasmagoria full of dreamers living lives in their large or small homes in their large or small villages in their large or small world. Few people understand that what they believe to be reality is actually energy interpreted by their sense organs.  As a culture we believe what is outside of us is in fact outside of us. For instance, we believe the room, the furniture, the places outside the building and so on are actually out there. A closer truth is that while ‘something’ is out there, reality is constructed in our mind from the input energy waves are making on our senses. Reality is constructed by us.

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