The Aura Can Contain a Lot of Bad Stuff



Can You Break Your Aura?

 While the Aura is invisible to most people, some claim to be able to see a shinning almost radiant egg-like shell around each of us. A person can break an arm or a leg. I wonder if you can break your Aura ,

 . . or maybe that is what happens when you die.

Anyway, one thing that most pundits claim when talking about the Aura is that it can get filled up with a lot of nasty stuff, especially a lot of trapped emotions that you are holding on to

 . . . accounts you now have with people who insulted your preciousness.  Worries, fears, manifestations of physical problems, financial problems, work, blah blah blah. All of it gets held inside of this egg-like shell until it’s fully of dirty colors and no longer glistens like it used to.

 And that’s not good. So what can you do?

 Here’s what Don Juan told Carlos Castenada:

 By using your fists and arms and delivering an energized jolt to the air  “. . . what you’re really doing is delivering a jolt of energy to what the sorcerers of Ancient Mexico called our ‘crust.’ our ‘bark.’

Don Juan goes on to say, “Those sorcerers state that energetically, humans beings are like luminous balls that have a thick peal around them, like an orange; some of them have something even harder and thicker, like the bark of an old tree.”

                                                       From Magical Passes.

Here’s what I do: I get a piece of rebar from Home Depot about 3/8’ x 2 feet, costs about $2.00. I use the grinder in my tool shop and sharpen the end to a point. Then I wrap it with insulated 22 gauge wire and hook it to a car battery for a little while. That magnetizes it.

After it’s magnetized I take the wire off of it, I bless it, hold it above my head and push the point everywhere into the nasty garbage of my dirty Aura and say a few magic words like:

                                     Be Gone!                                       

                                     Abra Ka Dabra

                                     So Long Sucker

                                     Take that!

 Or some other ridiculous incantations. Later on I put on my clothes. This seems to work. The thought police haven’t arrested me . . . yet.  

And I feel much better. Also I go over to my website and Play Wisdomgame. Get the crust off! Click here!


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