Abraham Reviewed


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    The process of interpreting your emotions, — if you feel good or if you feel bad, — is the process by which you are able to know if you are in touch with your essence, that is, your Source. Moment to moment, the vibrations of your emotions give you directions or indications if you are aligned with your Source essence. Since this essence resides in Joy and positive anticipation, when you feel bad you are not aligned. At any particular moment you have the option of lifting the way you feel toward this Joy. This works best as gradual process. For instance if you were feeling bored you may reach to a higher feeling of hopefulness. This needs to be gradual because it is very difficult, for instance, to jump from worry to appreciation. So the Abraham work, attracting whatever you want in to your life, boils down to finding relief from wherever you are. When you get this working and get good at it,  you begin to flow in the river of Joy which is your Stream. You float into desired circumstances and events because the only thing that was keeping them from you was that before you were paddling upstream against the flow.

. . .  Recognizing your emotions and consciously working to offer thoughts in order to deliberately produce better feeling emotions is what Deliberate Creation is . . . it is what the Art of Allowing is.


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