The End is (NOT) Near!

The appetizer please!


The City Makes Us Crazy; Art Creates Sanity.



Is the FEAST over? Has the world turned cold and grey? Is this the winter of our discontent? Have our reptilian overloads decided that this year they will form the One World Government and impregnate us with microchips, control us from war satellites, and make us zombies attuned only to Central Command? . . .

 May I have some more, please?”

 Hey, the World is a Feast!

Not all the resources have been pumped out. Not all the Gold is gone. The dollar is not bankrupt. The Chinese have not taken over the US.

 (However, it is a fact that the Moon will crack in two parts  disrupting the Earth’s gravity field, subjecting us to multiple solar eruptions and instant death rays in 2012. . .  so help me Quizapotal! )

Hey! Just kidding! The Party’s not over yet! We ate a few appetizers but the Feast is yet to begin. Loose up your belt. Kick back. Have a glass of wine or two. Chill! It’s time to dig out the oils, the pastels, or cut a rug. Dance out your blues. Have some fun!

Art rules!


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