Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi . . . beauty in imperfection

Last Year's Cabbage


Wabi sabi is the Japanese art of impermanence that seeks to find beauty in the imperfections found in all things of life. . . Life itself is in a constant state of flux and the Zen of it all is that “things” arise from nothing and dissolve back to nothing. Within this time Nature leaves tracks for us to contemplate with random flaws and impermanent marks that define us all and our art. What do you think? 



One thought on “Wabi Sabi

  1. I would humbly suggest that wabi sabi is not so much a Japanese “art” as it is an axiom of the Japanese world view which impacts not only Japanese aesthetics, but all aspects of Japanese life. Wabi sabi applies not only to things within Nature, but to all things. One of the deepest keys of wabi sabi is the realization that what we at first would call a “flaw” is not a flaw at all, but is something which actually *adds* value as a characteristic.


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