The Sweating Joker

The Sweating Joker Poems by Stephen Philip Means 


The Sweating Joker 



Silken sheen sequins glistening green pearl and red, 

The sweating joker stepped on stage,  

Reciting from an internal page 

Smiling as he bled 

And bared his balls and cried 

“Would anyone care 

If I died? 

Or on a dare 

If I juggled one or one hundred 

Words in the air?” 


But no one spoke 

And no one laughed, 

No one took a poke. 

No guffaw and no one gaffed. 

The sweating joker stood alone 

In that condition of contention 

Gnawing on the bone. 


Like a little elf 

He bared his self, 

And laughed and laughed insane 

Until he jumped and balanced even higher   

Tiptoeing back and forth upon the wire, 

And poems burst from the juggler vain. 


                                                                     Stephen Philip Means


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