The City

The mean streets of the city


What does it mean to live in a big city like LA? Can a person really experience community when the community is about a hundred miles long? I think you can, but you  have to work at it. You have to pick and choose. Who are you and with whom do you want to associate?   

Life is meant to be lived, but sometimes it gets overwhelming. That’s where art comes in. Today, right now, the open transparency of the internet is making it possible to expose your creations to the world and make money doing it. Dig in, get energized! Get passion! Find out what you love and start doing it. You’ll love life.    

This picture is hanging in the Wisdomgame gallery in Northridge, California. We paid a fortune for it, and now the Getty is trying to buy it from us. . . but we won’t sell!  

        At Wisdomgame we play a special game. It’s called finding out who we really are and doing . .       what we really want to do. . . . so play along/  

   Thanks for reading,  Stephen Philip Means  




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